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Russian Leading Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding is the largest company, provides a full range of services to create and equip of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, biotechnology productions, objects of chemical synthesis, electronics and petrochemical enterprises, various laboratory complexes from the project to the release of the first product batch. The company has a great experience in organization "on turnkey" of analytical and research laboratories, a full cycle of dosage forms production, pharmaceutical substances industrial production, biologically active substances and bio-products production, the creation of vivarium and radiopharmaceutical productions.

The consolidation of of designing, construction and engineering solutions with integrate pieces of equipment from different manufacturers in a single process line in the structure of a single performer ensures for customer confidence in the successful of the object commissioning into operation in time.

«Pharmcontract» Group of Companies takes part in the CPhI Worldwide 2016
«Pharmcontract» Group of Companies takes part in the CPhI Worldwide 2016
The main European Pharmaceutical Forum CPhI Worldwide is opened in Barcelona.
«Pharmcontract» Group of Companies is sponsoring XX Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry
«Pharmcontract» Group of Companies is sponsoring XX Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry
XX Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry began work on September 27 in Ekaterinburg.
Russian Leading Chemical and Pharmceutical Holding
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  • Pharmcontract - Synthesis
  • Pharmcontract - Service and Supplies
  • Pharmcontract - Agricultural Solutions
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  • Pharmcontract - Engineering
  • "MPharm" - Engineering
  • "OLpharmPRO" - Research and Production Association
  • "Joint Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company"
  • "Novochem PRO" - production of glyoxal
  • "NOVOCHEM - TRADING" - exclusive distributor of JCPC
  • "OLPHARM" Test Center
  • Pharmcontract - Media
  • Research and production journal «Drug Development & Registration»
  • Scientific and applied journal «Analytical expertise and qualimetry»
  • The informational project "GMP news"
Pharmcontract -  Complex Solutions

"Pharmcontract - Complex Solutions" is the strategic direction of the Russian leading chemical and pharmaceutical holding. It provides professional complex solutions "on turnkey" to create one performer manufacturing and laboratory facilities from the creation of the project concept to its implementation - the transfer innovative new generation object to the customer: engineering and construction of a modern new generation object, technological and laboratory equipment, service work on commissioning and validation. The structure of the company to integrate the capabilities and professionalism of designers, engineers, technologists of all holding’s divisions and external experts in the field of organization various manufactures.

Complex approach during the work with client (from a research laboratory or center of collective use to the largest manufacturing plant) allows to modernize its production and processing lines in compliance with all technical regulations and standards, increasing enterprise productivity and the precision of the research results.

Pharmcontract  - Laboratory Equipment

"Pharmcontract - Distribution Division" provides regular wholesale and retail supply of modern high-tech technological, analytical and control, climatic, general laboratory equipment, equipment for biotechnological processes, chromatography, chemical synthesis, to maintain the temperature and humidity.

Today, the company has equipped more than 1 400 domestic created and upgraded factories of the chemical and pharmaceutical, agriculture industry by modern equipment. The company has made the installation and put into operation about 15 000 units of production lines and high-tech equipment, ensuring the production of innovative products that comply with GMP. This fact allows manufacturing companies of competitive products to be competitive in the international market.

Pharmcontract -  Synthesis

"Pharmcontract - Synthesis" is the engineering department of "Pharmcontract" Group of Companies.

There are next directions among the competencies of the company: the development of individual solutions in the creation of production lines and individual reactor units with piping; scaling processes implemented in laboratory conditions to the industrial level, and modernization of existing customer’s lines at the expense of equipping them with modern high-quality equipment.

All technical solutions are developed in close cooperation with the customer and taking into account the features of premises and production facilities, the task by production volume.

"Pharmcontract - Synthesis" has huge experience in design, construction and reconstruction, technological equipment of various industrial facilities for the production of biological products, food and beverages, substances and drugs, laboratories for chemical synthesis, which are successfully operating around 200 reactor systems and pilot plants.

OLpharmPRO – Research and Production Association

"OLpharmPRO" - is a production division of the leading Russian chemical and pharmaceutical holding GC "Pharmcontract." OLpharmPRO specializes in design and process development, production and introduction of modern Russian equipment for the development and quality control of drugs.

Today OLpharmPRO product line includes: dissolution, disintegration, friability, fragility and strength testers; bulk density testers, flowability testers, sealed packaging, automated and fully automated solution system, necessary supplies and accessories, related software.

"MPharm" -  Engineering

"MPharm" - Engineering is the local company that specializes in the complex creating of factories on "turnkey" (from design to installation and commissioning works, including cleanrooms) in pharmaceutical, optical and aerospace industries, in microelectronics and nanotechnology industry, R&D.

The company's specialists have years of experience in the field of design and construction works and in the area of ​​clean rooms, they conduct installation work of industrial refrigeration systems, industrial automation, clean rooms certification, validation of process equipment, commissioning of facilities.

The company has implemented more than 50 projects with a total area of clean rooms more than 65 000 square meters, has delivered more than 180 units of process equipment, including freeze drying, bottling lines in ampoules, vials, flexible containers, tablet presses, etc.

"OLPHARM"  Test Center

"OLPHARM" Test Center is an independent accredited center and research the process of development, pre-clinical and clinical trials and registered generics and innovative drugs takes place. The test center is accredited for quality control of substances and drugs.

In order to facilitate the development of domestic technology, professionals from the test center conduct R&D new generation drugs.

High quality and reliability of "OLPHARM" studies are proved by experience and professionalism of the staff. Test Center has spent more than 800 000 analytical and pre-clinical trials drugs, which should improve drugs quality in the Russian pharmaceutical market. More than 150 pharmaceutical companies and research organizations, which are localized in the territory of the Russian Federation, are the clients of the Center. Leading scientists and WHO experts are among the employees of the testing center.

Novochem PRO - production of glyoxal

"Novochem PRO" is the only one manufacturer of glyoxal in the Russia and Eastern Europe. The company is among 20 international manufacturers of this strategic product, which is used in most industries. As a structural unit of "Pharmcontract" Group of Companies, "Novochem PRO" provides innovative development and import substitution for the chemical industry in Russia. At the holding’s manufacturing area continuous researches are being conducted and modern chemicals and reagents, demanded by most Russian industries, are being developed.

Today, company’s production facilities allow manufacturing low-tonnage chemical products and developing innovative technologies for the production of a wide range of products for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Emerging technologies are being accepted in the Russian military-industrial complex and being used in medicine, oil extraction industry, petroleum refining industry sector, power engineering and agriculture.

Since 2015 extensive construction of large factories and production lines began at the company’s industrial estate. This will allow releasing of more than 100 items of import-substituting chemical products.

«Объединенная химико-фармацевтическая компания»

"Joint Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company" (JCPC) is operating division of leading Russian chemical and pharmaceutical company "Pharmcontract" Group of companies, which is included in the top 20 world glyoxal producers. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative chemical products and reagents for the chemical, oil, energy and pharmaceutical industries, for medicine and agriculture.

Since 2014 the structure of JCPC includes manufacturing area for small-scale chemical production ("Novochem PRO") and "NOVOCHEM - TRADING" Trading House, which provides product launch and implementation of glyoxal based products for more than 160 enterprises in Russia and CIS countries.

Consolidating the efforts of the experts of relevant departments, JCPC provides production, which enhanced the effectiveness of development of various sectors of the industry and reduced their dependence on imports

TH NOVOCHEM - TRADING - exclusive distributor of JCPC

"NOVOCHEM - TRADING" Trading House is the exclusive distributor of "Joint Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company" (JCPC) which introduce domestic chemical products based on glyoxal. As a division of "Pharmcontract" Group of companies, TH "NOVOCHEM - TRADING" realizes glyoxal (over 500 tons per year) and a wide range of innovative reagents for chemical & pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry, power engineering, paint-and-varnish industry and timber manufacturing industry, health care, agriculture, housing and utilities infrastructure and civil engineering.

Today, due to TH "NOVOCHEM - TRADING" glyoxal and glyoxal based products meet the demands of more than 160 enterprises in Russia. Up to 25% of glyoxal, which is implemented by the distribution division, are consumed by the Military Industrial Sector. The company’s product range for realization is more than 100 modern reagent and about 10 innovative technologies for import substitution for domestic producers.

Pharmcontract Engineering

Pharmcontract - Engineering is an engineering and construction company in the structure of holding “Pharmcontract”, provides a full range of services for the creation and modernization of all types of enterprises for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, petrochemical, medical and other industries, individual sections of the substances synthesis, polymers, biosynthesis, API manufacturing sites, drug products, foodstuffs or animal origin, quality control laboratories. The competence of the staff from profile unit allows to not just offer standard design decisions, but also to support the project, project management, including process control, deadlines, finances and quality control. Detailed study of engineering systems with different variations of climate, ventilation, test equipment, water treatment systems ensure compliance with future customers’ object to international and national standards.

Pharmcontract –  Service and supplies

"Pharmcontract - Service and supplies" has a global network of support for the uninterrupted operation of client’s laboratory equipment and technological lines. The company has the most extensive service network in all territory of the Russian Federation. Certified from equipment manufacturing plants service engineers providing 24 hours, 7 days a week professional services for commissioning, DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ, qualification, calibration, identification and certification of the measuring, technological and production equipment, warranty and post-warranty services of devices’ technical conditions. They provide enhanced customer service and free technical support delivered park equipment for customer of Pharmcontract’s distribution divisions.

Today "Pharmcontract - Service" serves more than 1 700 companies of different industries, provides uninterrupted work of more than 14 000 production lines and units of modern equipment. The company has signed contracts of warranty and post-warranty services of devices’ technical conditions with more than 100 partners.

Pharmcontract - Agricultural Solutions

"Pharmcontract - Agricultural Solutions" carry out design, construction / reconstruction / modernization and equipping production lines and research centers of various objects in agriculture and industrial complex: from feed mills, factories of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, dairy and breweries to laboratory of food production quality control, agrochemical laboratories and laboratory of veterinary expertise.

Highly qualified specialists of the company develop individual solutions according to the customer’s specifics and offer innovative technologies and methods for laboratories specializing in the assessment of fertility and eco-toxicological monitoring of soil and water.

The company's employees with a huge working experience know the problems of the food ingredients, food and beverages producers, and show elaborated technologies, techniques and methods solutions by writing practice-oriented research manuals for technology manufacturers.

Pharmcontract -  Media

"Pharmcontract - Media" is the advertising and marketing company that provides the implementation of chemical and pharmaceutical holding directions in the field of social policy - known and popular projects in the field of scientific and methodological development of strategically important sectors:

  • publication of books and manuals for the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, analytical and toxicological industries and for the food industry;
  • publication of the most popular research and production journals among the specialists of the pharmaceutical market;
  • organizing and conducting specialized seminars and conferences.

"Pharmcontract - Media" provides information and methodological support of the activities organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to demonstrate the achievements and support domestic pharmaceutical products’ entrance to the market, as specified in the Federal Program "Pharma-2020".

Research and production journal «Drug Development & Registration»

Research and production reviewed journal "Drug Development & Registration" is an unique and the first free applied edition for professionals involved in all stages of drugs production: from development to registration certificate obtaining. The journal is the strategic partner of the key events and exhibitions in the field of pharmaceuticals in Russia and CIS. The journal organizes and conducts its own conferences under the logo "Drug Development & Registration" based on leading Russian pharmaceutical and medical universities.

Since August 2014 the journal is published with the special issue:  "Drug Production". This project is implemented with the support of the Federal State Institute “State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices”.

Active participation of the journal in domestic pharmaceutical industry development ensures its popularity.

Scientific and applied journal «Analytical expertise and qualimetry»

Scientific and applied peer-reviewed journal "Analytical expertise and qualimetry" is a specialized trade publication devoted to quantitative methods for assessing the quality of the food industry.

The journal provides information about the latest trends in the development of analytical methods, new substances (analytes), new means of measurement, the technical tools (instruments), reagents, test systems, biochips.

Considerable attention is paid to problems of the research: water, soil, feed and feed additives, ingredients, food, packaging materials, the identification and falsification of feed and food products.

The informational project GMP news

The informational project "GMP news" was established in 2009 as reviewed news Internet resource of production pharmaceutical subjects. The main objectives of this project are distribution of information of pharmaceutical production modernization and change-over to GMP standards, analyses and harmonization of best practices of GMP development and implementation, positive image formation of Russian producers using GMP standards, assistance in activities in personnel development of pharmaceutical companies.

The first pilot issue of "GMP news" journal was released in autumn of 2010. The printed publication is addressed to professional associations, pharmaceutical companies management, experts of pharmaceutical industry and students of specialized universities.

Since July of 2016 the printed publication of "GMP news" is published in cooperation with "Pharmcontract Media".

«Pharmcontract  - Laboratory Equipment» «Pharmcontract  - Laboratory Equipment» «Pharmcontract -  Complex Solutions» «Pharmcontract -  Complex Solutions» «Pharmcontract -  Synthesis» «Pharmcontract -  Synthesis» «OLpharmPRO – Research and Production Association» «OLpharmPRO – Research and Production Association» "MPharm" -  Engineering "MPharm" -  Engineering "OLPHARM"  Test Center "OLPHARM"  Test Center Novochem PRO - production of glyoxal Novochem PRO - production of glyoxal TH NOVOCHEM - TRADING - exclusive distributor of JCPC TH NOVOCHEM - TRADING - exclusive distributor of JCPC Pharmcontract Engineering Pharmcontract Engineering Joint Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company Joint Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company «Pharmcontract – Service and supplies» «Pharmcontract – Service and supplies» «Pharmcontract - Agricultural Solutions» «Pharmcontract - Agricultural Solutions» «Pharmcontract - Media» «Pharmcontract - Media» Research and production journal «Drug Development & Registration» Research and production journal «Drug Development & Registration» Scientific and applied journal Analytical expertise and qualimetry Scientific and applied journal Analytical expertise and qualimetry The informational project GMP news The informational project GMP news
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