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Analitika Expo exhibition: is there any new developments that haven’t been shown at Analitika in Munich?

Moscow, April 24, 2018

It is not a secret that Analitika Expo in Russia traditionally is held at the beginning of April, but this year the date have been changed because of the largest event in the world of analytical equipment Analitika in Munich. But in spite of it manufacturers of analytical, control and measurement equipment decided to show the raw of new developments in Russia.

Pharmcontract GC on Analitika Expo 2018

The second day of any exhibition is the most popular for the visitors, but this year the situation at Analitika Expo has been changed. The number of visitors at the second day was almost the same as in the first. New equipment developments fall short in attracting visitors. Among the new developments you may find equipment of Korean manufacturer Daihan, who presented solutions for analytical chemistry, sample preparation and storage. At the booth of the leading national distributor of laboratory and technological equipment you may find thermostat with dry bath Pharmcontract GC on Analitika Expo 2018Maxtable H10 for sample heating and maintenance of the certain temperature up to 150 °C with accuracy of 0,1 °C. Besides of it among drying and heating equipment there are heating plate Maxtir 500H and high-performance magnetic stirrer Maxtir 500S. The last one allows to mix up to 20 litres of different substances with the rate of 80 – 1500 rpm. A wild range of mixing equipment are demonstrated at the exhibition: multifunctional vortex VM-10 allows to mix substances at the rate up to 3300 rpm; orbital shaker SHO for cells cultivation, coloration and gel preparation, culture media mixing with the rate up to 10-300 rpm. Korean manufacturer provide a wild range of laboratory equipment. At the booth of the leading chemical and pharmaceutical holding you may find water bath for cleaning of laboratory glassware with irregular shape and instruments without using aggressive chemical substances WUC-A10H. Tube and chemical glasses heater Al-case, w/control and other solutions. Exhibition will lasts till the April, 26.

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