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Full-cycle antibiotic production have been started in Biohimik

Full-cycle antibiotic production have been started in Russia in February, 20. In accordance with Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova opinion in 2 years in Russia will be full-cycle production of 20 antibiotics.

Four different types of antibiotics will be produced this year using only local components (vancomycin, telavancin, oritavancin, ramoplanin).These types of antibiotics normally used for patients with sepsis, bones and joints infections, as well as lower respiratory tracts, skin and soft tissues infections.

Full-cycle commercial production of vancomycin – starting from producing strain to finished dosage form – have been started in February, 20. Production facility based in Biohimik in Mordovia. All reconstruction activities have been done in time by Pharmcontract GC specialists. Pharmcontract GC was a supplier of all manufacturing lines for drug production in accordance with GMP and other standards.

Drug production localization – is one the most important directions for Russian government. Today about 84% of drugs from the List of Vital and Essential Drugs are produced in Russia and it is meaningful result. In accordance with expert opinion, growth will continue this year. It is expected that 90% of drugs from the List of Vital and Essential Drugs will be produced in Russia” said head Ministry of Health.

Veronika Skvortsova marked that new production will allow to develop own scientific direction. Education center will be organized on the basis of plant: department of chemistry and technology of physiologically active substances have been opened at the same time as Mordov State University.

“It is very important to treat antibiotic-resistance bacteria. When we have our own production, we may be more effective to fight these bacteria, like tuberculosis” said Veronika Skvortsova.

Full-cycle antibiotic production have been opened in our country for the first time during last 20 years. It became possible thanks to b2b players, who provide reconstruction of manufacturing facilities on turnkey basis. Ministry of Health marked that breakthrough in pharmaceutical field has to be one of key elements of national security.

As Mikhail Pergaev head of Pharmcontract Engineering said all cleanrooms in building 26 of Biohimik are in process of preparing for examination by departmental committee. Engineering communications are under construction. Construction readiness in accordance with 5 marks have been achieved for less than 6 months on area 3500 sq. meters, including laboratory and technological equipment, pieces of furniture supply, as well as engineering communications.

  • Production hall 7: Project for production hall for nonsterile antibiotics have been prepared. Building envelope are under construction, it is planning to finish all activities in 2 months.
  • Building 15: Metallic construction section in technical design specification have been corrected and passed an expertise, metallic constructions are in process of installation. Project design have been prepared in accordance with customer technical design specification.
  • Production hall 9: project of production hall for ointment and suppositories are in process for the moment.

Photos have been provided by Biohimik press-office