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Higher School of Economics knowledge translation to pharmaceutical manufacturing innovations is impossible without modern equipment

April 10, 2018, Moscow

Pharmaceutical manufacturing development is impossible without modern highly efficient equipment, as well as without specialists with necessary competences and high level practical skills. Such opinion is common for manufacturers and suppliers of quality control and technological equipment, as well as for those who are responsible for personal trainings of highly qualified specialists.

Today it is very popular to use contract manufacturing and common use center facilities. It is much more economically effective to use facility equipped with state of the art instruments in accordance with GLP and GMP standards than to build up new production site. But there is a small choice of such facilities in Moscow center. At the same time common use center of RUDN University is a laboratory site with modern equipment for integrated trials in innovative drugs research and technology scale-up, including substances and finished dosage forms production, as well as providing of nonclinical and clinical trials and getting new theoretical and practical knowledge for the technological future.

All analytical equipment is being supplied by the leading national distributor Pharmcontract GC starting from the year 2014.  

Mariya Nabiullina is a key account manager in Pharmcontract GC:
Our collaboration with common use center of RUDN have been started from laboratory for chromatographic research methods instrumentation, which has been organized in work-study part of the center. One of the specific tasks, which is necessary to solve while supplying equipment for common use centers, is high range of applied research methods and products. For example while choosing HPLC and UHPLC systems we have took into account specific characteristics of a range of chemical substances nor then the end product characteristics. But at the same time fast method optimization, separation control, quality and quantity control of organic components are very important for researchers of common use center. Such basic data and long term collaboration with American manufacturer of HPLC, UHPLC, LC, GS systems - Agilent Technologies determined our choice of HPLC Agilent 1260 Infinity with diode array detector and triple-quadrupole UHPLC-MS Agilent 1290-6430  while laboratory engineering. These two models are ideal for flow analysis and detection of small quantity of materials.

Besides laboratory chromatographic methods of analysis we also work through solutions for pharmacopoeia method of solid dosage form disintegration, hardness and geometric size, as well as full time of total suppositories deformation, including melting point determination. Specialists of Pharmcontract GC supplied the best laboratory systems by Swiss and German manufacturers - SOTAX AG and ERWEKA. For now days common use center of RUDN is the best contract site for research work with state of the art equipment.


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