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Pharmcontract GC is a leader in its’ field in 2017

VIALEK Group and Pharmcontract GC have signed an agreement of strategic partnership in scientific and practical magazine “Clean rooms and process media” development in December 21, 2017. Starting from the year 2018 magazine will be published with support of the leading chemical and pharmaceutical holding of Russia. Consequently, 95% of chemical and pharmaceutical media market in b2b will be in Pharmcontract GC structure.

GC Pharmcontract

VIALEK group of companies is the leader in professional education, consulting and informational support in good pharmaceutical practices, “Clean rooms and process media” magazine publisher complete an agreement with media department of Pharmcontract GC concerning collaboration in publishing of one of the most popular project in design issues, building and operation of clean rooms, pollution control, environment and process media (water, air, pressed air, nitrogen and ect.) monitoring.

“Legislation in publishing activities became harder in 2016 and a raw of professional editions became foreign agent without possibility for distribution over Russian Federation territory. This is the main reason of “GMPnews” purchasing. It’s the only magazine of GMP practices  implementation in Russian pharmaceutical sector.” Said Deputy general director in marketing and PR Evgenya Dorina. “We’ve got an information concerning VIALEK GC decision to change the format of  popular edition about clean rooms to electronic version. It was the main reason of our partnership. It’s not a secret that for a period of time we were in process of choosing between several publications whose theme is connected with issues in cleanness providing on production sites. But VIALEK has the highest level among all of them.”

What does it mean for readers and subscribers that magazine has a new cofounder?

In accordance with both parts’ opinion, there won’t be any serious changes in magazine policy and theme. The magazine will stay actual, high professional and interesting. “We will even increase the amount of materials and we will tend to involve new authors, to present news in legislation in productions cleanness, to process large amount of foreign literary sources, but professional level of our publication will not change.” Said VIALEK GC president Alexander Alexandrov. “It is important for us to save magazine with 15-year history, which is known as an independent informational resource for professional development of specialists in different sectors. The main theme during discussion concerning partnership was publication of different professional opinions in production cleanness assurance (methods and instruments for microbiological and biological pollution level measurements, design and maintenance of clean rooms and process media, cross contamination preventing activities and ect.). More of that, collaboration with partner with active media strategy and social orientation will allow to expand magazine auditory. It will become an instrument for self education, improving of professional competences and free access to actual information. We are going to implement new sections concerning special aspects of equipment operating in clean rooms of microbiological and research laboratories, vivarium, production sites and laboratories in food sector, for paint and coatings protection cover technology, in optical industry, for images processing and continuous diagnostic control and in microelectronics.”

Taking into account an experience of consolidation and media sphere conquest strategy of Pharmcontract GC we think that starting from the year 2018 the magazine circulation will expand and it will be distributed free of charge over the whole territory of Russia. In other regions of EEU, as well as in Ukraine and Georgia magazine will be distributed via VIALEK channels.

In accordance with both parts of collaboration opinion magazine web-site will be seriously changed. Currently web-site have a format of library.

In accordance with Pharmcontract GC press-office