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Pharmcontract GC is a leader in its’ field in 2017

Pharmcontract GC is a leader in its’ field in 2017

ГК «Фармконтракт» - лидер отрасли 2017

In January 31, 2018 Pharmcontract GC have been evaluated as a leader in its’ sector for the strong contribution to Russian economic development, including honest tax-paying, as well as for the achievement of high economic index in 2017 in accordance with Federal State Statistics Service of Russian Federation data.

 “We are very proud to get such high level assessment of our team,” commented  Pharmcontract GC president Sergey Bykovskiy.  But so high level of economic activity is impossible without complete approach, which we realized during last years.”

ГК «Фармконтракт» - лидер отрасли 2017

Today we have partnership relations with more then 4 thousands of Russian manufacturing companies and more then 2,5 thousands of manufacturers are in cooperation with our service team.

Pharmcontract GC’ engineering department is almost 2 years at the market and already 4 projects of Federal importance are in process:

ГК «Фармконтракт» - лидер отрасли 2017 ГК «Фармконтракт» - лидер отрасли 2017
  • Production facility for active pharmaceutical substance Miramistin (by INFAMED K) ,
  • Reconstruction and instrumentation of Biohimik facilities: building 7, 9, 15 and 26 with total area about 30 thousands sq.m.

Engineering department provides project design services for 6 manufacturers of federal importance:

  • Active component
  • "Chemical Plant named after L.Y. Karpov" JSC
  • Kirovsk pharmaceutical company
  • Building 7, 9 and 15 of Biohimik

Production facilities of Aspektus Pharma (Euroservice GC), MBNPK Cytomed are at the stage of equipment commissioning.

One of the main part of Company success is it’s team. High qualified engineers, designers, service specialists, managers, who helps customer to choose necessary equipment by preparation of  equipment performance comparison in accordance with the customer budget, expert management, personnel motivation and involvement into almost all projects are the main features of the leader in it’s sector.

“Aimed at clients services expansion research laboratory OLPHARM reconstruction have been started last year. OLPHARM provide full range of services in development, non-clinical trials of generic and innovative drugs, as well as substances and dosage forms quality control,” marked Sergey Bykovskiy.

Pharmcontract GC also made a huge contribution into educational sector. Starting from year 2017 “Clean rooms and process media” magazine are published with Company support, as well as the most popular in it’s field GMPnews magazine.

“We would like to thank our customers and partners for the high level of their trust to our Company without paying attention to economic issues on international and national level. You support is a high value for us, which help us to look forward with confidence as well as develop and implement new instruments and projects which helps you to solve your manufacturing issues quickly and effectively,” summarized Sergey Bykovskiy.

ГК «Фармконтракт» - лидер отрасли 2017

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