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Pharmcontract Group of Companies and FAVEA Group signed agreement on partnership in the implementation projects "on turnkey"

Pharmcontract Group of Companies and FAVEA Group signed agreement on partnershipThe international engineering company FAVEA Group and the Russian leading chemical & pharmaceutical holding Pharmcontract Group of Companies unite their efforts for further development and comprehensive introduction of the principles of responsible implementation of the entire scope of work in the creation plants of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries (from the idea to the withdrawal of the first batch on the product market).

Over the past year, the two largest players of the Russian b2b market in the pharmaceutical industry have worked closely, carrying out the modernization and expansion of the production capacities of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. «So there were circumstances that last year the FAVEA Group and Pharmcontract GC worked closely on a number of projects in which the tender for design, engineering and construction works was won by a Czech company, and the tender for the design of the production site and the supply of technological lines went to our technologists due to existing competencies. As a result of this accidental cooperation, the idea arose to unite the efforts of the engineering structure and the largest national distributor of equipment, - the president of Pharmcontract GC Sergey Bykovskiy explained the reasons for signing the agreement. -  At the same time the last three to four years the Russian market knows our holding not just as a distributor of high-tech equipment with accompanying set of services for commissioning and maintenance works. Pharmcontract Group of Companies is practically the only company capable of transforming customers’ ideas into fully functioning manufacture of any complexity as in the field of ready-made dosage forms and in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and biotechnological synthesis. Of course, there is also in the structure of the holding own engineering department with well-known to the market highly qualified specialists. However, like any engineering structure, this division doesn’t always have the ability to cope with the incoming flow of applications for engineering work. As you know, this year our holding has already launched “on turnkey” implementation of two large-scale projects: the reconstruction of the production complex “Biokhimik”, which provides the production of finished dosage forms and API, and the creation of a synthesis site for substances at the L. Ya. Karpov plant. There is continues work on such objects as “Infamed K”, in the final stage is medical & biological research and production complex “Citomed”, literally a month ago the technological center of “NovaMedika” was opened. Given these circumstances and trying to minimize risks for our partners, we preferred not to look for project offices for outsourcing, but to combine time-tested opportunities with the FAVEA Group».

The general manager of FAVEA Group David Mishka reported the following: « In our opinion, FAVEA and Parmcontract GC are able to organically supplement the mutual competencies and strengths of each of the companies. We take into account the significant successful experience of Parmcontract GC in the field of supply, commissioning and subsequent service of technological lines. Especially impressive is the dynamics of the enterprise development and the ability to solve ambitious tasks. At the same time, the FAVEA Group considers that our main specialization is the provision of integrated design and engineering services that aren’t burdened and not limited to distribution obligations. This approach allows us to offer independent and objective solutions that best match the needs of our customers from among pharmaceutical manufacturers. The technological focus is the second fundamental principle in the activities of the FAVEA Group. Traditionally, the main value of our company consists of specialists with significant experience working on major European pharmaceutical companies. Deep knowledge of pharmaceutical technologies and current world trends, practical skills of modernization and management of modern pharmaceutical plants, large number of successful technology transfer projects, - all these competencies of FAVEA’s employees are the most in demand at the moment. Cooperation with Pharmcontract GC allows the FAVEA Group to focus on further strengthening and developing its strengths».

The interaction of two companies will be based on the joint study of projects on the technical task of customers. It will allow to lay down critical characteristics and parameters of operation of technological equipment from different manufacturers at the stage of preparation of the feasibility study of the project, taking into account the possibility of additional equipment and configuration of installed equipment (QR-coding / marking or release of non-standard packaging formats, tablets of unique forms). So, the basis of strategic partnership between companies can see the key principles of "lean production". It should be noted that in addition to consolidating the profile areas, FAVEA and Pharmcontract GC combine their efforts to organize and conduct training events, workshops and conferences with the participation of specialists from both companies and also invited experts from Western Europe and American pharmaceutical corporations in. The cooperation of two well-known firms will allow expanding the subject of seminars, raising the level of training of specialists, and thereby strengthening expert support for Russian and CIS pharmaceutical companies. The conference GEP Russia will be the first product of such cooperation. It will be held October, 18-19 in Moscow. As companies‘ representatives noted, combining the capabilities and interests of the two largest players in the field of design, construction, engineering and equipping with technological and laboratory equipment will not only expand the list of topics that are relevant for the industry. There are will be discussed such topical issues as upstream and downstream processes in biotechnology production, microbiological monitoring and, of course, packaging and labeling issues. Taking into account the feedback from participants of the previous conference, the organizing committee of the event, in those work joined representatives of Pharmcontract GC, will attract well-known world-famous speakers to cover the main production issues of concern to participants in the process. Presentations of partner companies of the conference will be organized in the form of master classes, and novelties of equipment will be presented in the lobby in front of the conference hall.

According to the Press Office of "Pharmcontract" GC