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“Russian day of rare-earth metals”

IV conference with international participation, devoted to main issues and global tendencies in chemistry of rare-earth metals have been opened in A.N.Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS). Famous scientists in organic and non-organic chemistry discussed their achievements in R&D, as well as new equipment developments, which were helpful during laboratory procedures.

GC Pharmcontract - Russian day of rare-earth metalsConference“Russian day of rare-earth metals”have been opened in Moscow in February, 15. The conference theme was devoted to rare-earth elements based organic and non-organic compounds, as well as material based on rare-earth metals.

GC Pharmcontract - Russian day of rare-earth metalsGC Pharmcontract - Russian day of rare-earth metalsAmong the main conference themes were development of new environment-friendly synthetic methods and research of materials for organic photonics, multifunctional magnetic materials, special composite materials with certain characteristics, physiologically active ingredients and compounds for biomedical application. It is hard to imagine these trials without special equipment, like flash-chromatography system Reveleris X2 by exhibition sponsor Pharmcontract GC. Demonstrated system allows to detect and divide compounds consist of several fractions with high accuracy, using up to 4 detectors signals.

Tomorrow an expert in laser diffraction and a scientists of Moscow technological university (MIREA) Alexander Lvovskiy will introduce laser diffraction application for crystal particles of lanthanum bisphosphonate, praseodymium, neodymium, europium, gadolinium research using Beckman-Coulter LS 13320 particle size analyzer. It was noticed that LS 13320 analyzer is modern, reliable and easy to use instrument for getting quick, reliable and reproducible data concerning particle-size distribution, including non-spherical particles.

GC Pharmcontract - Russian day of rare-earth metalsGC Pharmcontract - Russian day of rare-earth metalsWhat else was at the conference?

GC Pharmcontract - Russian day of rare-earth metalsWord of chemistry: Scientific community is interested in new equipment developments, as well as colleagues’ experience, which might be integrated in their work. Such themes like rare-element chemistry development issues, choosing of the right way for further commercialization were common for informal chatting, as well as themes concerning alkyl compounds of Ln(II). It was possible to visit presentation of using lanthanides as a basis for ex vivo and in vivo sensors and markers. These themes are specific, but very interesting for chemists.

Young generation was involved in conference too. Young scientists had a good opportunity to present their “first steps” in lanthanide research.

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