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Pharmcontract GC is a leader in its’ field in 2017

Skolkovo Residents chose the best distributors

April 28, 2018, Moscow

Peptide precursor’s developers in Russia which aimed at searching of rare type of cancer - neuroendocrine tumor and prostate cancer - Pharm-Sintez.Lab has won nomination “Vector of the year  - Business project” in pharmaceutical prize “Platinum uncial”. This prize has been won by Pharm Sintez for the project of it’s sub-company specialized in development and manufacturing of innovative drugs for radiologic exclusion of neuroendocrine tumor and prostate cancer. Skolkovo resident produces competitive in international markets products and suggests a wild range of services in drug development due to cooperation with the leading national distributor of analytical and technological equipment. R&D laboratory of Pharm-Sintez.Lab is located in Skolkovo and has the best equipment for drug development and quality control.

Резиденты «Сколково» выбирают только лучших дистрибьюторов

At the end of the 2017 year Skolkovo resident  - Pharm-Sintez.Lab started exporting of the first Russian peptide precursor. Drug development and manufacturing is possible due to modern equipment from Pharmcontract GC. HPLC/UHPLC,GC, UV spectrometry, polarimetry, viscometry systems have been supplied for peptide and other compounds with low molecular weight analysis – HPLC Agilent 1260 Infinity II and UHPLC Agilent 1290 Infinity II, Резиденты «Сколково» выбирают только лучших дистрибьюторов GC Agilent 7890B, UV-Vis Agilent Cary 100, Automatic polarimeter Anton Paar MCP 150, viscosity meter by Anton Paar LOVIS 2000ME with density analyzer DMA 4500M.

Implementation of modern technologies and severization of requirements to the quality of finished forms of drugs determined the choice of solution for Solubility tests by Swiss manufacturer - SOTAX. The systems totally satisfy requirements of USP 1, 2, 5 and 6! Swiss machine M-656 have been chosen for the quick and accurate determination of melting-point and boiling point during drug development. Farmalabor machines are used for capsule drugs technology development.

Successful cooperation between  Pharm-Sintez.Lab and Pharmcontract GC remained open after  equipment supply while building laboratory for peptide and other drugs development. Today activities for quality control equipment supply for Pharm-Sintez are in process.

To get more information about Pharm-Sintez products please read full article - Pharm-Sintez.Lab – investments to the future.