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Pharmcontract GC is a leader in its’ field in 2017

General notice about the company

Russian Leading Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding implements on a turnkey basis pharmaceutical, chemical and food production and laboratories

“Pharmcontract” GC supplies equipment for compounds, solid, liquid and soft dosage forms production and quality control, biosafety determination, food control and environmental quality monitoring. The company implements chemical synthesis, petrochemical, microbiological, drug production quality control department laboratories, university and analytical laboratories. The holding carries out equipment initialization and qualification, methods design, process validation, service maintenance and personnel training. Every year, worldwide manufacturers of equipment recognize "Pharmcontract" GC the best distributor in Russia and CIS.


  • GC Pharmcontract is recognizable brand
  • We offer one stop shop
  • Our reputation as a reliable partner oriented to solving customer’s tasks: more than 2500
  • customers work with us
  • The holding has its own Global Service Network that cover all Russian Federation
  • Provided modern equipment to 1400 Russian laboratories and research centers
  • Created more than 70 manufacturing plants and industrial infrastructure facilities

Today holding presents in Russian and CIS market more than 200 global manufactures of technological and laboratory equipment for chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology, biochemistry, food control, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries:


Guaranteed & stipulated contract sales
  • publication in a professional journal Drug Development & Registration which has more than  40 000 audience (experts from pharmaceutical  industry) – 4 times per year
    • Journal cover,
    • Unlimited articles
  • the publication in scientific journals, indirect advertisement
  • representation of demo equipment at the largest industrial exhibition (4-8) attended by more than 100,000 people
  • information implementation and your equipment promotion by reports on conferences and seminars, including own seminars
  • information implementation and your equipment promotion by reports on conferences and seminars, including own.
  • The target audience - 300-500 people
  • information about your equipment placement and promotion on the order of 7 million web-sites (daily visits to 3 thousand people)
Personal product manager, who knows specifics of the Russian market and CIS markets
The largest KAM chains
The customer service, specializing in the installation and service support of your equipment line and realizing guarantee and warranty work
Purchase of demo equipments
An extensive marketing:


  1. Only direct distribution contracts:
  2. Manufacture → Pharmcontract GC → Customer
  3. Mostly the exclusive representation of the partners’ interests
  4. 80 key account managers
  5. Direct supply from more than 110 well-known international manufacturers
  6. The knowledge of markets' segments and strong presence in Russia and the CIS countries
  7. The guaranteed sales
  8. Own services such as IQ/OQ/PQ qualification and calibration in accordance with USP, FIP, GMP, FDA
  9. Own warehouse supplies 12 000 m2, demo equipments
  10. Technological works for scale-up: from lab to industrial
  1. Compliance with ISO standards, compliance with the principles of transparency policy, the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
  2. Technological development and localization together with global equipment manufacturers: screwdriver assembly in the workshop
  3. 3 own accredited preclinical and clinical centers (ISO 9001:2008)
  4. Presence (resident) in a special economic zone
  5. The ability to sign OEM contracts
  6. 12 own design and engineering organizations. During the step of facility design by our own engineering companies we take into
  7. account equipment installation special aspects: providing outlet of ventilation systems and water supplies and considering requirements for range of purity.

When you work with us, you get additional options in the form of professional marketing

GC Pharmcontract has own 2 the most readable and popular on pharmaceutical market magazines:

Informational project «GMP news»

The first Russian magazine about Good Manufacturing Practice with support of State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices, that is the main GMP-inspectorate in Russia

Research and production reviewed journal «Drug Development & Registration»

Exclusive project for technology transfer in Russia– Contract Manufacturing

Profile holding units performed:

  • Equipped more than 1 400 of Russian created and modernized enterprises
  • Made installation and put into operation about 15 000 of lines and units of high-tech equipment
  • More than 200 enterprises have service and warranty contracts with us
  • Introduced the most advanced engineering solutions, upgraded and built more than 100 manufacturing enterprises and objects of industrial infrastructure
  • The company’s chemical production is among Top 20 of world glyoxal producers
  • Annually introduces about 15 innovative chemical and pharmaceutical products at domestic market 
  • More than 150 laboratory analytical, more than 100 pre-clinical, about 20 clinical and 40 bioequivalence studies and other are conducted annually by our own test center
  • More than 2 million copies of books and scientific guides are appeared annually
  • Research and production reviewed journal "Drug Development & Registration" is the most science-based edition for the pharmaceutical experts.
  • Organization and developing more than 100 seminars and conferences per year, including development working seminars, where the employees of Russian pharma companies could improve their working performance. In 2015 the “Pharmcontract” GC Demonstration Center was open at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. At the Demonstration Center pharmaceutical experts could learn (get practical experience) to work with synthesis equipment and finished dosage form (FDF) equipment.

“Pharmcontract” GC realizes integrated design, industrial facilities construction, clean room facilities own production and engineering system installation. Our last projects: Infamed K, Biokhimik, L.Ya. Karpov chemical plant, Cherkizovo Lab, Infamed, Aspectus-Pharma and others.


We always welcome new partners in Russia and CIS!