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About the company

Russian Leading Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding specializes in complex building and equipping on turnkey pharmaceutical, chemical and food enterprises, enterprises of electronic industry, laboratories for chemical synthesis, petrochemical, microbiological and quality control laboratories, training and analytical laboratories. The whole complex of services on the organization of the manufacturing plant from greenfield project to produce the first tablets, ampoules or products of animal origin is done in a system “one window” and in accordance with the principle of lean production.

Within the framework of the system “one window” you get:

  • integrated design, project construction, installation of own-produced clean room construction and engineering systems;
    1. Conceptual design, process development, ground area selection.
    2. Project documentation validation.
    3. Design works at the stage of design and detailed documentation.
    4. Approval and expert examination of design documentations.
    5. Drawing up customised records on the basis of process and utility equipment, tendering processes, equipment supplies.
    6. Onsite construction and installation works.
    7. Performance of work on cleanroom development.
    8. Engineering systems installation.
    9. Process communications development (industrial gas and treated water production).
    10. Commissioning operations and comprehensive testing.
    11. As-built documentation issue.
    12. Supplies of consumable materials and components for operating enterprise.
    13. Production and processing validation and certification.
  • selection and supplies of equipment for compounds, solid, liquid and soft dosage form production and quality control, biosafety determination, food control and environmental quality monitoring (depending on your particular tasks and enterprise specialization);
    1. Specifications preparation in cooperation with customer for compounds, solid, liquid and soft dosage form  production and quality control, biosafety determination, food control and environmental quality monitoring (depending on your particular tasks and enterprise  specialization).
    2. Selection of optimal configuration (re-equipment) and required consumable materials for the customer problem solving and researches accuracy increasing.
    3. Installation, IQ/OQ/PQ research projects, equipment calibration in compliance with the requirements of USP, FIP and GMP regulations.
    4. At the “Pharmcontract” GC portfolio there are more than 60 brands of equipment global producers.
  • cost-effective solution on the basis of domestic technologies and equipment;
    1. Development and production of domestic analytic and pilot processing equipment for compounds, solid, liquid and soft dosage form production and quality control, biosafety determination, food control and environmental quality monitoring.
    2. Installation, IQ/OQ/PQ research projects, equipment calibration in compliance with the requirements of USP, FIP and GMP regulations.
    3. Selection of components and consumable materials for placed in operation devices modernization.
    4. Maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service.
  • qualification installation, initialization and qualification, service maintenance, equipment certification and metrological service, required expendable materials selection and supplies, personnel training;
    1. Installation, IQ/OQ/PQ research projects, equipment calibration in compliance with the requirements of USP, FIP and GMP regulations.
    2. Development of analysis methods and its installation at the customer specific; device model.
    3. Equipment verification, calibration, certification and identification.
    4. Execution of equipment record.
    5. Metrological service of measurement instrumentation.
    6. Warranty and post-warranty service of your equipment stock by our qualified service engineers.
    7. Personnel training which learned to use new equipment models supplied by "Pharmcontract" GC, current maintenance and operation regulations.
  • pre-clinical and clinical studies development by independent accredited center and GCP and ISO 9001 certified center, GMP-consulting, maintenance by experts, consultation of good laboratory practice (GLP) realization, method statement and process validation;
    1. Preclinical studies development by  independent accredited research centre with vivarium.
    2. Services involving drug bioequivalence studies, comparative evaluation of drug antimicrobial activity, drug bioassay, development and validation of drug quality control methods.
    3. Clinical studies, preparation of registration dossier and clinical studies reports.
    4. GMP-consulting with WHO-experts for successful audit running of pharmaceutical enterprise.
  • generating and development of innovative technologies for your production, R&D and experimental and technological works for chemical technologies scaling from laboratory to experimental-industrial level;
    1. Processing technology scaling from laboratory to production level.
    2. Development of laboratory and industrial production from the green field, required equipment supplying.
    3. Studies of chemical product generation at laboratory and production level.
    4. Generation of chemical products used for production at chemico-pharmaceutical, oil-and-gas, varnish-and-paint, timber, medical agricultural industry and Housing and Utilities infrastructure.
  • advertising, marketing and educational services;
    1. Promotional materials developing and publishing at spicialized print media.
    2. Research and practice seminars carrying on the basis of Demonstration Center at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.
    3. Research and methodology materials publishing for industry experts.

Thus customers ideas are transformed into a fully functioning manufactures of any complexity in the field of production and quality control of substances, solid, liquid and soft medicinal forms, the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and biotechnological synthesis, in the field of agro-chemical and microbiological laboratories, genomics and immunochemistry laboratories, veterinary inspection, verification of safety indicators of food products, feed mills and factories of fertilizers and agrochemicals, objects for the alcohol, the dairy and meat industries. At the same time, at all stages of the work carried out through monitoring of the final goal. This makes it possible to identify in advance "narrow" place, to obtain objective information on the potential production capacity (and to elaborate on the option of their optimization), to respect the deadline object delivery, successfully pass Inspectorate and provide start output in a strictly specified in the business plan period in compliance with the initially approved budget.

The presence in the state of “Pharmcontract” GC two GMP WHO-experts, who also engaged in action of Russian commission for pharmaceutical companies qualification against good manufacturing practices, lets you comply created by pharmaceutical enterprises to GMP standards.

When objects are created for the pharmaceutical and food industries we are also involved practical expert in the work. These experts provide consulting support in the development of technologies for the drug production, for the organization of the department of quality control laboratories and research centers on the analysis of feed and animal products.

“Pharmcontract” Group of Companies is the only Russian company, which operates on the principle “one window” that allows the extended customer service to ensure for our partners the quality operational support, modern, innovative solutions and targeted projects.

Today the “Pharmcontract” GC has international status and is presented not only in Russia. Own storage facilities are located at Germany, representative office for exchange research efforts is located in Switzerland, compounds final treatment is conducted in India and China. In Russia the “Pharmcontract” GC has representations in all largest sities.

“Pharmcontract” Group of Companies - quality, efficiency, reliability!

Profile holding units performed:

  • Equipped more than 1 400 of Russian created and modernized enterprises
  • Made installation and put into operation about 15 000 of lines and units of high-tech equipment
  • More than 200 enterprises have service and warranty contracts with us
  • Introduced the most advanced engineering solutions, upgraded and built more than 100 manufacturing enterprises and objects of industrial infrastructure
  • The company’s chemical production is among Top 20 of world glyoxal producers
  • Annually introduces about 15 innovative chemical and pharmaceutical products at domestic market 
  • More than 150 laboratory analytical, more than 100 pre-clinical, about 20 clinical and 40 bioequivalence studies and other are conducted annually by our own test center
  • More than 2 million copies of books and scientific guides are appeared annually
  • Research and production reviewed journal "Drug Development & Registration" is the most science-based edition for the pharmaceutical experts.
  • Organization and developing more than 100 seminars and conferences per year, including development working seminars, where the employees of Russian pharma companies could improve their working performance. In 2015 the “Pharmcontract” GC Demonstration Center was open at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. At the Demonstration Center pharmaceutical experts could learn (get practical experience) to work with synthesis equipment and finished dosage form (FDF) equipment.

“Pharmcontract” GC: Effective solutions to creation
and equipping enterprise “on turnkey”!