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Pharmcontract GC is a leader in its’ field in 2017

History of the Company

The “Pharmcontract” Group of Companies, the Russian Leading Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding, history began on 25 of May 2010. Until this day, the “Pharmcontract” GC was a distributor of the ERWEKA Company (Germany), the producer of test instrumentation for pharmaceutical industry. The command of specialists became provides not only supplies of analytical equipment, but also warranty and post-warranty service of foreign equipment. Almost immediately, the company attract intention of other international producers. As consequence, today the Pharmcontract - Distribution Division” portfolio includes more than 200 producers of equipment. This allows a distribution division of leading chemical and pharmaceutical holding to hold leading positions in the domestic market in the supply of equipment for substances, solid, liquid and soft dosage forms production and quality control, biosafety determination, food control and environmental quality monitoring. In 2014, the command specialized in chemical synthesis and petrochemical production join to the holding distribution business function. The market volume and uptake determine an introduction of the PhET division (“Pharmcontract Engineering and Technology” or “Pharmcontract - Synthesis”) to the “Pharmcontract” GC structure. All holding distribution structures provides not only equipment supply services but also selection of optimal procurements (reequipment) of required consumable materials for customer problem solution and  accuracy increasing of customer studies due to own consumable materials warehouse.

Taking into account a holding key customer demands in warranty and post-warranty service of foreign equipment, the “Pharmcontract - Service and Supplies” direction begin to work along with distribution direction. The company service engineers on a regular basis undergo training and improve their qualification at our partners’ production facilities, which enables equipment installation, IQ/OQ/PQ qualification and calibration in compliance with the USP, FIP and GMP requirements.

Working in close collaboration with our customers under equipping of production lines and research labortaries the “Pharmcontract” GC specialties on frequent occasions have heard about problems related to lacking of single performer or person responsible for all project implementation. This leads to an idea of organization division specialized at “turnkey” project realization. Now our customers could take advantage of services range from A to Z for project management every degree of complexity:

  • integrated design, project construction, erection of clean room structural by own production, as well as installation of engineering systems;
  • complex equipping and modernization of pharmaceutical factory laboratories, quality control laboratories of food and compound animal feedstuff, mineral fertilizers and pesticides facilities, environmental safety monitoring centers, agrochemical complexes, chemico-toxicological laboratories and other due to effort Pharmcontract - Complex Solutions” specialists ;
  • selection, supply, installation and qualification of equipment for substances, solid, liquid and soft dosage forms production and quality control, biosafety determination, food control and environmental quality monitoring, as well as equipment warranty service and sertification, selection and procurement of required consumable materials from “Pharmcontract - Laboratory Equipment”, “Pharmcontract - Synthesis” and “Pharmcontract - Service and Supplies”.

In 2014, the holding has established the range of production areas within the framework of import substitution line:

  • OLpharmPRO, where Russian and international experts in pharmaceutical development could produce domestic analytic and pilot processing equipment
  • “Novochem PRO”, which provides chemical direction development of the company and annually introduces about 15 innovative chemical and pharmaceutical products at domestic market. “NOVOCHEM - TRADING” is a distributor of domestic chemical products.
  • Since 2017, the division for the holding's production has been added the production of clean rooms and construct Movetech.

In December 2013, the "OLPHARM" Test Center, accredited laboratory for preclinical studies, became part of the “Pharmcontract” GC. Today the well known in Moscow accredited test center, which has a license for comparative evaluation conduction of drug antimicrobial activities and own vivarium, specializes in complex pre-clinical studies. There the pre-clinical and clinical studies are developed, tested and conducted, generic and innovative drug are registrated.

The “Pharmcontract” GC holding is well known by its socially oriented policy in the field of academic development and increasing of scientific potential. In 2014, the company starts the investment and venture activity, in terms of which there is conduction of commercialization Russian product engineer ideas and their launch to production level. Since January 2015, the TSU-JCPC R&D center begin to work, where experimental-design and technological works are being conducted for scaling chemical technologies from laboratory to pilot and production level. Since 2012 marketing business unit of the company publish the research and production reviewed journal “Drug Development & Registration” for pharmaceutical market experts.

As in any other large company the holding has its own advertising and marketing division, the “Pharmcontract – Media”, founded in 2012, which not only meet requirements of “Pharmcontract” GC, but also perform a range of advertising services for company customers in the field of market promotion.

The company rapid development at different market fraction also provides Russian production development.

By our actions we trying to make a contribution to an economic health of a country.